Program Helps Enhance Pharmacist Knowledge of Real-World Evidence

Researchers developed a novel real-world evidence (RWE) training program for pharmaceutical company field medical professionals to build competency in RWE research concepts and found that this program increased knowledge and resulted in high satisfaction from participants. The results of the study were presented during AMCP eLearning Days in a poster presentation titled “Development and Assessment of Real-World Evidence.”

Researchers at the Texas Center for Health Outcomes Research and Education and members of Pfizer Medical Affairs collaborated over a six-month period to develop a customized RWE training program. Prior to putting together the program, the researchers assessed knowledge gaps and identified 11 content categories that address these gaps. The variability of knowledge depth was prioritized based on relevance to the medical role.

The final program included 22 hours of self-directed web-based modules, live didactic presentations, and case study workshops. A total of 71 field medical professional participants completed pre- and post-program tests with 30 items each. During the program, participants learned about real-world data sources, RWE designs, medication adherence, multivariable regression, use of propensity scores, and RWE method tools/checklists.

Mean post-program assessment scores increased significantly from baseline (67.6%) to post-test (83.2%; P<0.001). Post-test scores increased from baseline in 10 of the 11 content categories, with multivariable regression and propensity score topics having the lowest post-program scores, which the authors noted represents more complex topics. Participants expressed high satisfaction with the training program.

“Results revealed a positive impact of designing/implementing an RWE training program to improve knowledge across a pharmaceutical field medical team,” the authors concluded. “Similar educational programs may optimize generation and use of RWE for stakeholders in health care.”

The study was sponsored by Pfizer.

Possidente C, Johnsrud M, McClain W, Colavecchia A, Hartman T, MacLean E, et al. Development and Assessment of Real-World Evidence. Abstract U9. Presented during AMCP eLearning Days, April 20-24.